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Winter Roof Preparation Tips for Harford County Maryland


How to Prepare Your Roof for Winter

Maintain the exterior of your home before winter arrives! This will involve inspecting your roof components for signs of wear or tear and getting them repaired or replaced before harsh winter weather sets in.

Do you know how to make sure your roof is ready for a Harford County winter? If not, keep reading to see our easy checklist!

In this article, we’ll provide a checklist and description of the tasks you should complete before winter. Don’t hesitate to contact a licensed roofing contractor if want professional assurance.

Check Your Gutters

Make a point to check your gutters or have a professional take a look if climbing a ladder is a concern. The primary purpose of the gutter system is to collect water and move it away from the house. Make sure there is no debris blocking water flow in the gutters and downspouts. 

This step can save you a lot of trouble in the winter when the freezing rain and snow come. The primary concern here is water getting into the interior of the home due to a failed gutter system.

Inspect the Shingles

If possible, do a visual inspection of the shingles from the ground. If you need to get on the roof to inspect, we recommend calling a professional. 

While inspecting the shingles lookout for any curled, cracked, or missing shingles. These will need to be addressed before the winter months. The concern is that a damaged shingle may allow water to penetrate the roofing system.

Inspect the Flashing

If possible, do a visual inspection from the ground to see if there is any apparent damage. If you need to climb the roof, we recommend calling a professional Hickory roofing contractor.

The flashing system is designed to add extra protection when two roofing surfaces meet. For instance, you may see step flashing where a chimney stack exits the roof. These areas are vulnerable as they expand and contract in the Maryland weather. 

Inspect the Vents

Vents are required by code for certain plumbing and other home fixtures. They are usually standard PVC piping that exits the roof in different areas. The vents are waterproofed with rubber casing often referred to as rubber boots. These boots can become brittle over time due to intense heat and UV exposure. 

Damaged boots are commonplace for people who experience leaking, and they should be inspected ASAP by a reliable roofer in Hickory.

Inspect the Attic Space

The attic is often the first place you can see leaking or other problems. If possible, make a point to enter the attic and look around. Try to find any stains or active leaks. 

Any problems will need to be addressed immediately. Another place to look is the insulation in the attic. If there is any discoloration, it may be due to excessive moisture or a leak in the roofing system.


In conclusion, it is important to make a point and inspect your exterior systems every year, preferably by a local service for roof repair in Hickory. You want to be prepared for the coming winter weather and address any issues now instead of waiting for a disaster.

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