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What’s the Warranty on GAF Solar Shingles?


GAF Solar Shingles have a 25-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects that cause leaks. GAF Solar Shingles are also called Timberline Solar™ Shingles.

Do you want to know the endurance of GAF’s Timberline Solar™ Shingles? Keep reading to see our helpful breakdown of the warranty options and the incredible guarantees available to GAF Energy’s customers.

In this article, we will demystify the warranty terms from GAF Energy and provide readers with accessible information about warranty options.

Standard Warranty Terms for GAF Solar Shingles

The great news is that GAF’s Solar Shingles have a great warranty at no additional cost to the customer!

No need to register the product for these coverage options. These warranties are for the shingles themselves, but there are more coverage options that we will discuss later.

Manufacturing Defects

GAF’s Solar Shingles warranty protects customers from manufacturing defects that cause roof leaks for 25 years. That’s comparable to the warranty for standard asphalt shingles!

Wind Damage

GAF’s Solar Shingles have a warranty that covers wind damage. This protection lasts 15 years for winds up to 130 mph with proper installation.

For reference, a Category 3 hurricane can have wind speeds of up to 129 mph. A Category 3 hurricane is a major hurricane, according to National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Proper Installation

GAF Solar Shingles must be installed with at least six nails per shingle and GAF Starter Strip Products. GAF Starter Strip Products must be correctly used at the eaves and rakes.

Solar Output

GAF’s Timberline Solar ES™ Shingles have a 25-year warranty on solar output. We will explain the fine print on this warranty term.

This warranty term isn’t the amount of energy produced by the solar system. Instead, it means that the individual shingle can produce the same amount of power under ideal conditions.

Solar Output in actual conditions is affected by sunlight access and temperature conditions. Access to sunlight is impacted by surrounding trees and buildings, the direction the roof faces, and the angle of the roof.

Additional Warranties Available

When the Timberline Solar ES™ Shingles by GAF are installed by a GAF-certified contractor, customers have three extended warranty options. These warranties cover the entire roof.

  • System Plus Limited Warranty
  • Silver Pledge Limited Warranty
  • Golden Pledge Limited Warranty


Each Warranty level has different qualifications to access the specific benefits offered at each tier. We will break those down.

 System PlusSilver PledgeGolden Pledge
GAF Products InstalledGAF Shingles and 3+ Qualifying Accessory ProductsGAF Shingles and 4+ Qualifying Accessory ProductsGAF Shingles and 5+ Qualifying Accessory Products
Installed ByGAF Certified or Master Elite Roofing ContractorGAF Master Elite Roofing ContractorGAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor

Warranty Tier Similarities

The warranty tiers for GAF Solar Shingles share the following terms:

  • Stain Guard Plus™ for 25 years
  • Stain Guard® for 10 years
  • 15-Year Wind Warranty with proper installation
  • Tear-off covered when necessary
  • Lifetime Warranty and 50-Year Smart Choice Protection Period
    • This means that the warranty terms on a residential, single-family home roof are non-prorated for 50 years.

Warranty Tier Differences

There are two categories where the three warranty tiers offered by GAF differ. We’ll take a closer look at each one.


Whether or not disposal is covered under the GAF Solar Shingle warranty depends on the tier selected. Proper disposal of construction products can be a hassle and sometimes expensive, depending on local guidelines.

 System PlusSilver PledgeGolden Pledge
DisposalNot CoveredWhen NecessaryWhen Necessary


The largest difference between these three warranty tiers on GAF Solar Shingles is their workmanship coverage. Make sure your new roof has the workmanship guarantee you’re looking for.

 System PlusSilver PledgeGolden Pledge
WorkmanshipNot Covered15-Year Workmanship Coverage25-Year Workmanship Coverage

Choosing the Golden Pledge Limited Warranty means that your roof’s workmanship is covered for as long as the warranty on the GAF Solar Shingles.

Solar Addendums

As long as Timberline Solar ES™ Shingles have been installed by a certified GAF contractor or Master Elite Roofing Contractor, customers can choose between two Solar Addendums.

Solar Plus Addendum

Solar Max Addendum

Both Solar Addendums have the same basic coverage offered in the warranty.

  • 15-Year Wind Damage
  • 25-Year Solar Output

We will explore how these two different Solar Addendums stack up against each other in other coverage areas.

Electrical Workmanship

Depending on whether you opt for the Solar Plus Addendum or the Solar Max Addendum, the electrical workmanship is guaranteed for different periods.

Solar Plus AddendumSolar Max Addendum
1-Year Electrical Workmanship Warranty10-Year Electrical Workmanship Warranty

Solar Power Generation

Solar Power Generation refers to the amount of energy delivered to your home in Kilowatt-Hours(kWh). This is energy produced by Timberline Solar™ System Components, Rooftop Power Electronics, and Inverter all working together.

Since the 25-Year Solar Output warranty only covers the shingle under ideal conditions, having the system as a whole protected is a big deal. Here’s how the two addendums compare.

Solar Plus AddendumSolar Max Addendum
No Coverage for Solar Generation25 Years of Solar Power Generation Covered

Third Party Electrical Components

In addition to the outstanding products manufactured by GAF, some products are made by other companies. These include Inverters and Rooftop Power Electronics. These are still quality elements and have warranty coverage options under both addendums.

Solar Plus AddendumSolar Max Addendum
3rd Party Components Covered for 10 Years3rd Party Components Covered for 25 Years

Warranty & Solar Addendum Conclusion

GAF’s Timberline Solar ES™ Shingles and related components have excellent warranty coverage options. The installation process by a GAF-certified or Master Elite Roofing Contractor will provide customers with a warranty coverage option that fits their needs.

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