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Things to Consider When Replacing Your Roof

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Replacing your roof is an important decision most homeowners must go through at some point. It can an intimidating process to undergo which is why we at Tar Heel Construction Group, LLC make it as easy as possible.

Homeowners have many options for replacing their roof such as shingle styles and a variety of colors to match siding and get that curb appeal you are looking for.

It is important to keep in mind that a roof is not just a pretty top which gives a finishing look to your home. A roof is what protects your home from the elements. We live in a unique area in Maryland where we truly experience four seasons. Winters in Harford County can get in the single digits where summers regularly reach 100 degrees. This variation puts great stress on roofs which must be considered when replacing your roof with a new one.

So, if possible, you should not delay roof replacement. There are signs that we help homeowners identify when a new roof should be considered. If you believe it may be time for a new roof feel free to give us a call for free estimates.

We have included some basics to roofing that can help aid your decision-making process.


While selecting a roofing company for roof replacement, always check the following points.

  • You should ask for a professional license of the roofing company.
  • References from past customers can also help in building trust.
  • Be sure to check the validity of the documents provided by the roofer.
  • You can check at least three different roofing companies but do not choose one on the basis of low prices. Choose a company with reliable and remarkable work.
  • Before making a choice, you can ask the roofer to give details of the installation process.
  • Hire a prospective roofing company on the basis of how well it explained about the installation process.


The next important decision is to choose the right roofing material. While deciding on it, look for the Price, Appearance, and Lifespan of every product. Although the Asphalt Roofing Shingles are the most economical choice, Architectural Shingles are better than traditional asphalt in both looks and performance. It is true that these newer materials can be expensive, but they can enhance the curb look, add value to your home, and last longer.


Another difficult decision is whether to take out the existing shingles or just layer above it. It is industry best practice to take off the existing shingles and install new.

The reason we encourage removing the existing layer is because we are able to see if there is any damage to the plywood underneath. If there is damage then we can address the issue so that it does not become a larger issue in the future.


The quality of shingles has a significant impact on the stability and durability of the roof. Many roofing companies provide high-quality shingles (Asphalt Roofing Shingles or Architectural Shingles) with a lifetime warranty. Before choosing shingles for your roof, you must know the following characteristics of shingles.

Architectural Shingles

A premium form of asphalt shingles roofing is known as architectural shingles. Likewise other roofing shingles, they also have an asphalt base.

Additionally, builders use a heavy mat base made of fiberglass coated with asphalt. They overlap it by applying multiple asphalt shingle layers. Finally, they laminate it to give optimum anti-penetration, and anti-moisture capabilities.

The weight of architectural shingles is comparatively heavy. Roofers usually recommend it to use for traditional home because of its added curb appeal. It provides durability, aesthetics, and longer lifespan.


Because of their longest lifespan, architectural shingles are the best choice for a homeowners roof replacement. These types of shingles have enhanced compressive and tensile strength to any material. Joining this with the strong composition of asphalt brings improved long life to roofing materials.

The regular Asphalt shingles have a normal lifespan of 25-30 years. But the architectural shingles live longer than this.


Architectural shingles provide optimum protection to the roof. The coating of laminate fights scratches. If united with fiberglass, they have better resistance. The premium modifications of architectural shingles have denser fiberglass-laminate hybrids. These architectural shingles help resist heavy rainstorms, snow, and multiple hailstorms.

Curb Appeal

Architectural shingles provide gorgeous curb appeal. The use of these shingles will allow any landowner to add value to their home. With an upgraded curb appeal, your future sales will be high.

Final thoughts

Before replacing your roof with old methods consider premium residential architectural shingles. They are durable, cost-effective, long-lasting and overall better than asphalt shingles. However, the installation requires special equipment and experience. So, only hire a reliable roofing company with wide architectural shingle installation experience.

Tar Heel Construction Group, LLC is based in Churchville, Maryland and is proud to serve the local community of Harford County. We also do work in the surrounding Greater Baltimore Counties such as Baltimore County.

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