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The Most Popular Types of Perry Hall Roofing Materials


Most Popular Shingles in Maryland

In Maryland, like most of the country, Asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing material. Asphalt Shingles come in a three tab variety or composition variety. Both are common, but architectural shingles have a longer life expectancy and durability.

Do you want to have a stylish roof that would be well-liked by neighbors or for resale? We’ll share more about the most popular shingle types! 

In this post, we will look at the most common roofing styles in Baltimore County. We have had the pleasure of assisting hundreds of Greater Baltimore customers with roofing installation and replacement. So keep reading for our inside perspective!

Types of Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most common roof material around. It’s easy to identify asphalt shingles when compared to wooden shakes or tile roofs. However, there is a difference between the two most common types: 3-Tab Shingles and Composition Roofing Shingles.

3-Tab Shingles

Three-tab shingles are flat, homogeneous shingles. This shingle has a checkered design. They appear flat with few points of interest. Originally, this shingle was used in most residential communities. 

These shingles are less expensive but have a shorter guarantee and life expectancy. Many homes still retain the original three-tab shingles from 20 years ago, so the roof is approaching the end of its life expectancy.

Composition Roofing Shingles

These shingles seem to be the preferred choice for roofing in Perry Hall. This provides the roof a more organic and appealing appearance. These shingles are also composed of asphalt, but are designed to resemble older roofing materials like wood shakes. 

The cost is more than three-tab shingles, but the product quality and lifespan are considerably better. Most dimensional or architectural shingles have a 25-year guarantee and come in a variety of colors. Keep in mind that options and warranties vary depending on the manufacturer.

Considerations When Choosing a Shingle

  • So, what do you want? A roof’s shingles and color may make a house “pop.” Choose a product that meets your needs.
  • How resistant is the shingle to wind and hail damage? Wind and hail resistance varies among shingles.
  • How fire resistant is the shingle? Shingles’ fire resistance varies. Organic shingles like natural wood shakes are very flammable but asphalt and slate shingles are not.
  • Durability – What is the shingle’s warranty? Is the manufacturer’s product backed? If so, what do they say? Do your homework.
  • Resistant to Algae – Some roofs offer limited warranties associated with algae resistance.

Tar Heel Construction Installs the Best New Roofing Systems!

We are proud to serve the roofing requirements of the Harford and Baltimore Counties. We are GAF Master Elite Certified roofing contractors in Perry Hall and have over 15 years of industry expertise and would love to talk to you. Our office is based in Bel Air, Maryland and we service many residents and business owners with their exterior remodeling needs.