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Should You Have a Bel Air Roofer Replace or Repair Your Roof?


Roofing in Bel Air

We have found that some homeowners spot a leak and panic and immediately assume they need a new roof. This is not always the case and in this article, we will be exploring some things to consider when thinking about the option to replace or repair your roof. As a leading roofing contractor in Bel Air, Maryland we pride ourselves on being able to accurately assess the damage of the local homeowners roof. We have had the privilege of serving thousands of Harford County homeowners with their homes.

Inspect Your Roof

We recommend that you have a qualified exterior remodeling professional take a look at any potential issues but if you are DIYer you can take a few of these tips to try and pinpoint any problems.

Conduct the I.O.U method of inspection.

  1. Inside
  2. Outside
  3. Up the Ladder

First, investigate the attic and see what kind of damage, if any, you can find. Common problems that we see in Harford County, MD are damaged decking (plywood), stains, and rot in the plywood and missing portions of the roof where light is visible. If you see any light coming through your roof during your inspection you need to address it immediately.

Second, take a walk around the perimeter of the home and see if anything obvious sticks out to you from the ground. Oftentimes the roof will not be visible which is why step three is so important.

Third, get up the ladder and do a visual inspection of the roof while walking it. We precaution anyone considering this to use a professional service. We do not recommend homeowners walk the roof themselves as serious injuries can take place by falling off.

The common things you need to look for while walking the roof are missing shingles, cracked and curled shingles, and dark patches. Any of these signs can call or a repair or even a new roof system.

Assess the Damage

This step of the process should be done alongside a contracted professional Bel Air roof repair expert. After you have gathered information from your I.O.U inspection now it is time to speak with a qualified professional to see if the damage warrants a repair or replacement.

Each case is unique, so it is hard to identify which issues call for a roof replacement in Harford County.

With that said, it is important to consider if the damage to the roof is in a localized area. If the damage is only on a small portion of the roof, then maybe you need a repair.

If the damage is consistent through the whole roofing system then it may be time to get a quote on a new roof.

Common Damages that Warrant a New Roof

There are a few common damages and wear and tear that does indicate it is time for a new roof.

  1. Excessive curled and cracked shingles
  2. Missing Shingles throughout the system
  3. Sagging decking

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