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How to Know if a Roof Repair Estimate is Reasonable in Harford County, MD


A reasonable roof repair estimate will have an accurate price that reflects the cost of materials and labor needed for the repair work. An unreasonable estimate will have red flags like unusually low or high prices and pressure tactics.  

Have you received an estimate for a roof repair, and you’re unsure if the price quoted is reasonable? Are you unsure if your roofing contractor is being honest and fair in their estimate? The roofing experts at Tar Heel Construction Group, LLC created this guide to answer these exact questions. 

We will explain what you should expect from an accurately priced roof repair estimate and the factors that affect the prices. We will also share tips for finding reasonably priced roof repair estimates. Keep reading to learn more!

Understanding Your Roof Repair Estimate

Your roof repair estimate should accurately reflect the cost of roofing materials and labor needed for the job. Other factors, such as how much damage will need to be repaired and how large your roof is, may also affect the prices quoted in your estimate. 

Your roof repair estimate should include a price near the market average without unusually high or low numbers. Your roofing contractor should also be clear and transparent in their estimate, with detailed and itemized lists. 

Factors Affecting Roof Repair Costs

The factors that will affect your estimated roof repair costs are the kind of roofing shingles used, the labor involved, and the amount of roof damage. Your costs may also be higher if there is extensive damage underneath the roof that will need to be fixed. 

High-quality roofing shingles are more expensive due to their longevity and durability and the warranties that accompany them. Warranties can give homeowners peace of mind as they work to protect them against future damages financially. 

Average Prices of Roofing Shingles

The prices of roofing shingles may vary depending on your location and your contractor, but generally, the cheapest materials are asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles cost on average cost $2 to $4 per square foot and last around 15 to 20 years

Asphalt shingles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and can be customized into endless options. The most expensive roofing shingle materials are wood shakes, slate, and clay tiles. Solar panels are also a more expensive option but can be worth it for the energy-efficiency

Tips For Finding Reasonable Estimates for Roof Repair 

You will improve your chances of finding a reasonable roof repair estimate by researching local roofing contractors and companies, requesting and reviewing estimates from different contractors, and asking for clarification if needed. 

We will discuss these helpful tips in further detail below so you can feel confident in finding the best estimate for your roof repair. 

Research Local Roofing Contractors

Start by researching local roofing contractors online to read their customer reviews, view their past work, and verify their licenses and certifications. You can find local roofing contractors near you by using Google or asking for referrals through neighbors, friends, and family. 

You are more likely to find a reputable and trustworthy roofing contractor through diligent research and careful vetting than by choosing the first roofer you find. 

Request and Review Multiple Roof Repair Estimates

Ask for roof repair estimates from multiple roofing contractors so you can compare and review them. Cross-check the estimates carefully by looking at itemized costs, project timelines, and any material or labor warranties. 

Ask for Clarification if Necessary

Ask for clarification if the roof repair estimate you received is unclear or not detailed enough. Trustworthy roofing contractors will be able to explain their prices easily and share a breakdown of the costs. You should always be on the same page as your contractor when it comes to costs. 


Roof repair estimates will be reasonable if the prices correctly reflect the price of shingles and materials used and the cost of labor that is needed. Your estimate won’t have any unusually high or low prices, and it should also be properly detailed and clear. 

If you’re looking for a fair and transparent roof repair expert, look no further than Tar Heel Construction Group, LLC. We are committed to ensuring our clients are satisfied and have years of experience in servicing Harford County, Maryland, and all the surrounding areas. 

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

What is a red flag in an unreasonable roof repair estimate? 

Uncertainty and unusually high or low costs are red flags that may signal an unreasonable roof repair estimate. Your roofing contractor should be able to clearly explain why they have priced their work as they have, and their costs should align with the market average. 

How can I know if the materials quoted in the estimate are of good quality?

You can research the brand of materials online that your roofer will be using to ensure they are good quality. Brands like Certainteed, GAF, and Owens Corning all come with excellent brand reputations and may have warranties to back up their products. 

Why is it helpful to get multiple estimates from different contractors for my roof repair? 

Receiving multiple estimates and effectively and thoroughly comparing them can help you avoid overpaying for your roof repair or getting scammed by unqualified professionals. By comparing estimates, you can find a roofing contractor who is honest and reasonable.