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How Well Do You Know Your Roofing in Fallston?

Does My Fallston Roof Have Hail Damage?

Hail damage is common in Maryland, so it’s likely that your roof has some hail damage. Indicators that your roof may have damage include dented cars or mailboxes following a storm. If your neighbors have hail damage, your roof probably does too.

Hail damage is costly. In fact, Americans spend more than a billion dollars each year on hail-related roofing repairs. You may not notice indicators of cracks or holes until you notice a leak!

Knowing what to look for and when to contact a professional Fallston roofing contractor for roof repairs enables you to preserve your home and belongings before your roof leaks. So keep reading to get professional insights about roof damage.

How Do I Know to Look for Roof Damage?

If you notice signs of denting on your car, mailbox, shed, or other structures after a storm, you should get your shingles evaluated by a specialist. Ice chunks large enough to dent metal and wood can also fracture your shingles and destroy the structural integrity of your home. 

If your neighbors’ homes have been damaged, you should also contact a professional for roof repair in Fallston. Hail is not picky, and if it has damaged your neighbors’ homes, it may have also damaged yours.

Learning about previous storms might help you anticipate future problems, especially if you bought a pre-owned house. While your home inspection may have given you the all-clear, keep in mind that a general home appraiser and inspector is not a roofing specialist and may have missed some of the more subtle symptoms of damage. 

You have no way of knowing the true condition of your roof if you purchased your property as-is, as a short sale, or at a foreclosure auction. If your neighbors indicate the region has a history of hail, look for cracks, chips, or leaks on the roof.

Conduct a Visual Inspection

You will not need to climb onto the roof (and should not unless you are a licensed roofing contractor), but a visual assessment from a ladder and the ground may reveal some symptoms of damage. Examine the gutters to determine if they are pocked or dented as you walk around the house.

Climb a ladder to view your gutters visually. If you notice chipped or broken shingles on the roof or shingle fragments in the gutter, it’s time to call a professional roofer. A pair of binoculars can help you see areas that are out of reach; remember, broken, chipped, or naked tiles are all signs that something is wrong.

The Value of a Single Shingle

When you notice what appears to be mild cracking or chipping, you have seen enough to call in an expert roofer. A single damaged shingle may not appear to be a major concern, but it can generate leaks that compromise the whole structure of your house.

What Will Happen Next?

Once you’ve identified the indicators of hail damage, it is time to call in a Fallston roofing service. Before accepting repair or replacement work, your home insurance company will need a professional roofing examination for hail damage. Remember that detecting indicators of damage early can save your home from further damage.

When looking for high-quality storm damage roof repairs, homeowners should call the experts at Tar Heel Construction Group at (410) 638-7021.