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How To Know When It Is Time To Replace Your Roofing in Cecil County

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Most homeowners in Harford and Cecil County don’t often think about the roof over their heads until there’s a problem. In this post, our roofers at Tar Heel Construction Group LLC have put together a list of things to look for that may indicate you need a new roof.

Check the Shingles

Shingles are supposed to lay flat on the roof. If you find areas that are cracked, buckling, worn, or anything that doesn’t look uniform compared to the rest of the roof, then it may be a sign that a repair or new roof is in order. If you choose to climb a ladder to do this, it is an excellent opportunity to check the gutter system. If you find many granules in the gutters, then that’s another indication that the roof has wear. The granules are the topcoat of the shinglethe first line of defense of weather.

Check the Flashing

Flashing protects the interior of the home from the weather. It is installed around things such as vents, skylights, and chimneys. They can be made from aluminum, rubber, and other materials that degrade over time. If possible, look at these components. If a rubber “boot” is fragile and cracking, then it needs to be replaced. It is also a great indicator of the roofing system’s overall effectiveness because they are often installed during the shingles. If the flashing has gone bad, then it may mean that the shingles have exceeded their efficacy.

Check Pitch

A drooping or sagging roof is a sign that the whole system needs to be replaced. Often, contractors choose to lay a fresh installation of shingles on top of an existing layer. The problem with this, amongst other things, is they never check the underlayment, such as the plywood that is the support system for the roof. If the roof is sagging, it most likely means that water has penetrated the shingles and has gotten into the wood underneath. At Tar Heel Construction Group LLC, our experts forroof repair in Cecil Countycheck for damage on the underlayment. It is a critical component that can be only addressed during installation because it is hidden from the eye otherwise. Another way to check this is to go into the attic and see if there’s any mold or black spots on the plywood. This is a sure way to see if water has penetrated the shingle layer.

Check for Plants/Moss

Often, plants find a way to grow on older roofs, especially the part of the house that is in the shade. When this happens, it usually means that moisture trapped between the shingle and underlayment causes all kinds of problems, such as the drooping or sagging roof. There are a few ways to address this problem, but if the roof is older, it’s a sign that the system needs to be replaced.

Tar Heel Construction Group LLC is committed to helping Harford County, Cecil County, and Baltimore County areas with roofing and exterior remodeling needs. If you have any questions about your roof, such as what it would take to get it updated or repaired, please reach out to us.

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