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How to Inspect your Roofing in Havre De Grace


Roof Inspection in Havre De Grace

Homeowners can inspect their attic and observe their roof from the ground to look for signs of moisture or discoloration. Shingles that are cracked or curled may also indicate a problem. Homeowners can also call a local roofing company for a more thorough inspection.

Do you want to know if your roof is in good condition? Do you want to find and fix problems before water is leaking through your ceiling? Keep reading to get handy roof inspection tips from the pros!

This article is meant to be a guide to help you inspect your roof to hopefully identify any issues before they become a problem! However, it’s always okay to consult a professional for a thorough inspection.

Why Do I need to Inspect My Roof?

As a homeowner, you are responsible for the annual maintenance of all your homes systems, and the roof is one of the most important protective systems of your home. The roof protects the attic and inside of the home from water damage.

Maryland experiences many different weather patterns over the course of the year. The summers can reach over 100 degrees while winters can reach single digits at times. This causes things to expand and contract which ultimately causes a roofing system to fail over time.

The roof is also one of the most ignored at times because of its inaccessibility, so roof issues can sneak up on homeowners without thoughtful inspection and maintenance. 

If you are uncomfortable with doing inspections yourself, please call a professional roofer in Havre De Grace. Tar Heel Construction Group, LLC is a licensed and insured exterior remodeling company based in Bel Air, Maryland and we do regularly installations and repairs in the Greater Baltimore area.

1. Inspect the Inside of Your Attic.

The first stop for your inspection can begin in the attic. Use a flashlight if your attic doesn’t have its own lighting: most homes in Harford County, Maryland do not. Look for any obvious concerns like mold or leaks.

Look for the following signs which could lead to further issues:

  • Any sunlight that may be showing through the plywood. This is a major issue that needs to be addressed. The water will eventually find its way into the interior of the home through these holes.
  • Dark stains or leaks. This could be caused by poor ventilation or a leak in the roof. Consider contacting a roofer if you see this.
  • Sagging of any plywood. This can be a sign of a serious structural issue. Contact a qualified roofing contractor in Havre De Grace immediately.

2. Inspect the Roof From the Outside of your Home.

The next step should be to inspect your roof from the outside of your home. First, take a walk around the perimeter from the ground to see if there are any obvious signs of damage. 

Sometimes you cannot view the roof from the ground. If that is the case, consider contacting a professional so that they can walk the roof. 

Look for these signs of damage:

  • Missing shingles. The shingle is the first line of defense for a roofing system. Missing shingles need to be replaced by a professional immediately.
  • Cracked or curling shingles. This is a sign of stress on the roof. It naturally happens over time but is a good indication you may need a new roof.
  • Dark patches. This can due to the granules of the asphalt shingle coming off. This can happen over time due to the UV intensity of the sun. This can lead to further damage such as cracked and curled shingles and ultimately a failed system.

If You Have Signs Of Roof Damage, Schedule An Inspection With a Local Havre De Grace Roofing Expert ASAP!!!

Tar Heel Construction Installs New Roofs

We take great pride in serving the local Harford County and Baltimore County Communities with their roofing needs. We have over 15 years of experience in the trade and would love to speak with you. Our office is based in Bel Air, Maryland and we service many residents and business owners with their exterior remodeling needs.