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How Can You Tell a Good Roofer from a Great Roofer?

The Difference Between Good and Great Roofing is Multi-Faceted

Installing a new roof can be an intimidating undertaking and choosing the right roofing contractor is the most important decision of the process. A poor roofing contractor could cost you money in the long run, and a particularly bad one could turn this important home improvement project into a nightmare.

So how do you choose a professional contractor from the many roofing companies out there? How can you be sure you will get a good roofer, one who won’t cut corners or practice poor workmanship? Better yet, how do you tell a great roofer from a good one?

Let this guide help you make wise decisions and avoid red flags when searching for a roofing contractor.

Do Your Research

  • Check the reviews. You don’t want to choose the first roofer you can find, so set aside time to research the company you are about to hire to repair or replace your roof. With just a few clicks, the Better Business Bureau website will point you to several good contractors who have high ratings. Look for reviews also on Google, Angie’s List, and Home Advisor.
  • Ask for several proposals. A great way to feel confident when installing a new roof is to get several proposals and compare them before you make a decision. Not only will you determine an average price for your area and avoid paying more than necessary, but you can also be on the lookout for the too-good-to-be-true offers that often lead to regret in the future.
  • Expect a detailed estimate. A great roofer will offer an estimate that includes an itemization of costs and any specifics that you requested. Some roofers use underhanded tactics such as leaving the drip edge off the estimate to make low bids, only to add that charge onto the total price at the end. Many factors can change the final cost of the job, but a good roofer should be up-front about any deviations from the estimate.

Strong Roofing Contractor Qualities

  • They are fully licensed and insured. The laws vary depending on where you live, but any homeowner should require a company to be fully licensed and insured before beginning a roof replacement. You’ll want to ask about general liability insurance, which will protect you and your home in case they damage it, and workers’ compensation insurance, which will keep you from being held liable if one of the workers is hurt on the job. 
  • They are ready to provide references. Don’t be afraid to ask! They should be prepared to share with you details about satisfied customers and how to contact them. You can then view a roofing job the company has already done as well as ask the customer if they cut corners or went over budget. If the roofer refuses to offer references or does not have a history of doing quality work in your location, you might want to keep looking. 
  • They show up on time and arrive in a company vehicle. Roofing contractors who arrive late without notifying you or show up to your house in a personal car should raise red flags right away. 
  • They offer a financial plan. Many roofers do excellent roof repair without offering their customers financial plans, but a roofer that will work with you on the payment shows they are experienced and established. 
  • They carry an endorsement from a major manufacturer. Major manufacturers award quality roofers with company endorsements, so if the roofing company boasts of a title by a maker of quality roofing materials, you can feel even more confident in your choice.

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