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Hickory Roofing; How to Keep Your Roof Replacement on Budget in Harford County


To keep your roof replacement on budget, research to find the best company and set a realistic budget. You’ll also want to avoid changing your mind once work has begun.

Do you need a new roof? Are you worried about being able to stick to your budget? No problem! Keep reading our guide to see how you can keep your costs within your budget.

In this blog, we’ll share the best tips for sticking to your price point and avoiding extra costs.

Keep Your Roof Replacement on Budget

Keeping your roof replacement within your budget is extremely important and can be challenging if you do not consider these tips. 

Your roofing system is an extremely important component of your home. It protects your home’s beautiful interior from all the ever-changing Maryland weather, 24/7, so plan accordingly!

Do Not Rush

It is important to take your time and not rush when considering what to do when replacing your roof. Hasty decisions can lead to you being taken advantage of by a roofing contractor in Hickory just looking to make a sale.

Research the Average Cost of a New Roof in Harford County

Make a point to reach out to people and ask them what they paid for their roofs. Consider the year it was installed and the material they chose. Keep in mind that chosen material affects the price.

Some of the best people to ask are your neighbors. Look for new roofs in the neighborhood. This is a good technique because it is likely your home is similar in size and shape to theirs.

Remember that your neighbor’s three-tab shingle system will be different in price if you consider an architectural system.

Research Hickory Roofing Contractors

Take your time and research local contractors. See which ones you may want to work with. An easy way to do this is by cross-referencing companies’ Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews, and general social media presence. 

Another great way to find a roofer in Hickory is by referral. If you trust someone and they refer a company to you, you know someone had a good experience.

Avoid Making Changes Once the Project has Began

An easy way to blow your budget is to request a drastic change during the middle of your project. There are a few reasons for this. 

  1. Usually, the Hickory roof repair and replacement contractor has their month planned out ahead of time, and they can charge a premium if they need to shuffle around their upcoming jobs. 

  2. Another reason can be that materials ordered on short-order can have heightened costs associated with them. 

  3. There is also the issue of returning material which causes more labor and some contractors charge for this.

Conclusion: We Can Provide an Estimate

Tar Heel Construction has served Harford County for over 15 years as a premier Hickory roofer. We take pride in finding the right solutions for those considering a roof replacement in Harford County, Maryland.