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Harford County Weather and How it Impacts Your Roofing in Aberdeen

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First-Class Roof Repair in Aberdeen

We have lived and worked in Harford County as a Roofing Contractor in Aberdeen for over 15
years and specialize in installing new roofs. In Maryland, we get all four seasons and this constant change of weather has negative effects on your roof. In this article, we will review common weather in all four seasons that we experience in
Maryland and how this affects your roof.

Spring in Harford County

Temperatures in the spring are usually between 40 to 60 degrees which is moderate. We
often experience varying wind and rainstorms during these months which have caused
a lot of damage in Harford County in the last few years. There was a storm a few years
back where Harford and Baltimore County had gusts of wind exceeding 60 miles per
hour. Our Aberdeen Roofing Company helped a lot of homeowners and businesses repair and replace their
roofs during that event.

Summer in Harford County

Summertime in Harford County can be hot and humid. The heat on the roof can make
the shingles easily exceed 100 degrees and the interior of the attic space even hotter. It
is imperative that there is proper ventilation of the attic otherwise it can cause wood to
rot and ultimately cause your roofing system to fail.

Fall in Harford County

The fall in Harford County is moderate and temperatures can average in the 50s. We
have experienced some heavy rainstorms and even hail in these months. Hail is a major
concern for roofs and the few rogue storms a year have caused a lot of damage for
Harford County homeowners.

Winter in Harford County

The coldest months cause the roofing system to contract and can often leave the
shingles brittle over time. We get a few snowstorms in Harford County which can cause
issues with the weight load on failing roof systems. As an Aberdeen Roofer, we have also experienced water
finding its way past flashing during large storms.


Asphalt shingles expand and contract with every season in Maryland which causes
stress on the overall performance of the roof. The windstorms, large rainstorms, hail,
and snow also add added wear and tear to your roofs shingles. It is important to keep
an eye on your roof by regularly inspecting the outside shingles from the ground if
possible. Also consider climbing into your attic space to inspect for any mold, leaks,
dampness, or anything out of place. This is often the first place you will see issues
involving your roofing system.

Tar Heel Construction Can Inspect Your Roof

We take great pride in serving the local Harford County and Baltimore County
Communities with their roofing needs. We have over 15 years of experience in the trade
as a top-notch roofer in Aberdeen and would love to speak with you. Call us today.