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GAF Solar Shingles – Bel Air’s Premier Residential Solar System


GAF Solar Shingles feature superior affordability and cutting-edge technology. That makes these shingles the premier residential solar system for residents in Bel Air or the greater Baltimore area.

Have you been considering solar technology for your roof? Did you know that you have options besides the rack-mounted solar panels offered by solar companies? Keep reading to learn more about integrated roofing systems provided by GAF Energy.

This article will detail GAF Energy’s solar roofing products and why they are a no-brainer for providing reliable solar energy.

What Are GAF Energy’s Integrated Roofing Systems?

GAF Energy has two fantastic solar options for customers. One is an integrated panel system, and the second integrated option has solar technology incorporated into the shingles themselves.

  • GAF Energy DecTech
  • Timberline Solar ™ Shingles

GAF solar products are third-party tested by companies like UL for quality control and are installed by select GAF-certified roofing companies rather than solar companies.

We will look at each of these options from GAF in a little more detail.

GAF Energy DecoTech

GAF Energy DecoTech is an integrated solar system. That means that instead of solar panels being mounted on racks on top of an existing roof, GAF Solar options are built onto the roof deck.

GAF Energy DecoTech offers solar technology added to a roof with superior waterproofing to traditionally mounted panels. These panels are sleek and low-profile for optimal aesthetics.

Timberline Solar™ Shingles

Timberline Solar™ Shingles are a new technology that simplifies solar roof installation. Even though GAF Solar Shingles are still rolling out to some parts of the country, these shingles are available in Harford County.


GAF Energy Solar Products are more affordable because roofers with standard roofing equipment install them. On the other hand, most solar products are installed with specialized equipment by a solar company.

Instead of needing a roofing and solar contractor, you just need the roofer!

GAF certifies selected roofing contractors to install their products. This also means that waterproofing and construction are completed by workers who know roofs best.


GAF offers its best warranties to products installed by contractors with certifications unique to its products. When installed by a GAF-certified contractor, the warranty on the solar products matches the warranty for the entire roof.

GAF Energy Is a Dependable Brand

GAF Energy has been a trusted brand in roofing products for 135 years. GAF’s longevity sets them apart in the world of solar residential options.

Since GAF makes more than solar shingles, they have a standing in the roofing market. This allowed GAF to invest in developing solar shingles and supports business longevity. Customers can rest assured that GAF will stick around to honor warranties.

GAF Energy won 2022 Best of Innovation Award for Smart Cities at CES for their unique and cost-saving approach to the solar shingle.

GAF’s Solar Shingle Competition

We’ll explain why GAF Energy’s solar shingle competition lacks momentum. Many solar-specific companies have risen and fallen over the years despite the popular demand for solar technology for residential roof shingles.

The expensive development costs for solar shingles make it hard for small, new businesses to remain steady. Solar technology has been historically unaffordable to many households, so these fragile companies have small customer bases.

Larger companies like Dow and BP Solar have also sold Solar Shingles but haven’t been able to present reliable and affordable options to the public.

While Tesla’s solar tiles have been available since 2016, the high price point has prevented many homeowners from being able to afford them. GAF Energy has made unprecedented strides in offering affordable solar shingles.

Cost Mitigation for Solar Roofing: Will Solar Shingles Pay for Themselves?

It’s possible, over time, for solar shingles to pay for themselves. There are a couple of ways that shingles save or earn money for homeowners.

Incentives for Solar Energy

Check with current local, state, and federal incentives for solar products. These change yearly but can help offset the price of investing in solar technology.

Energy Production

How much energy the roof produces depends on available sunlight. This is impacted by trees and other buildings, the angle of the roof, and the product’s energy production. In turn, this determines the amount saved or earned.

  • Savings: Producing solar energy means a lower or nonexistent power bill.
  • Earnings: Excess Solar energy is purchased from the power company. This is called Net Energy Metering (NEM). The rate and availability of NEM vary from location to location.


GAF’s new solar system is a wonderful addition to what we offer at Tar Heel Construction Group. We’ve written another article here on the 3 best solar roof systems for Maryland residents.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will solar shingles last?

GAF Energy’s solar shingles have a warranty of at least 25 years against manufacturing defects. With special installation, these shingles also have wind protection (for winds up to 130 mph) for up to 15 years.

Do solar shingles increase your home value?

Solar shingles frequently increase home value because home buyers are willing to pay more for a house with functioning solar shingles than a similar home without. The exact amount varies based on the local market.

Can solar shingles be walked on?

Roofing contractors may step on solar shingles without damaging them. However, homeowners are not advised to walk on rooftops due to safety concerns.