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FAQs About Homeowners Insurance and Your Roofing in Havre De Grace


If your roof was recently damaged by a major weather event, or a sudden, one-time accident, then your insurance may cover a roof replacement. This will depend on the damage, your policy, and the age of your roof.

Wanting to know if insurance covers your roof? Read about our experience as a roofing contractor.

In this article, we’ll explain what we’ve learned about insurance through our experience repairing and replacing roofs.

FAQs About Homeowner’s Insurance and Your Roofing

In our time, we have had our fair share of experience with insurance claims. We work and communicate with insurance companies in the event of a claim that has occurred.

Here are a few frequently asked questions that often come up when a homeowner has damage to their home.

Will my homeowner’s insurance cover a new roof?

It depends. Homeowners insurance is reserved for spontaneous events such as a large windstorm, windblown rain, lightning, fire, hail, etc. We have learned that every home insurance policy differs in what it covers and how much it will cover. 

Does the age of my roof matter?

The roof’s age should be disclosed to the insurance company when the policy was started so the insurance company should know the correct roof age when they agreed to the homeowner’s insurance. If the age was disclosed properly, it should not affect the approval of a claim.

Some insurance companies cover the depreciated cost of the roof. This means that they factor in the roof’s age and only payout out a portion of what a new roof system would cost.

Will Insurance cover the total repair/replacement of my roof?

If the insurance company approved a claim, it might not cover the total replacement of the roof. It depends on the carrier and specific policy. 

As an Havre De Grace roof repair pro, it is our experience that some carriers will honor the whole roof replacement if a portion was damaged. Some will not. Some may prorate based on the roof’s age.

Are leaks covered under my homeowner’s insurance policy?

If the leak was caused by normal age and wear and tear of the roof, then it probably will not be covered. If the leak was due to a storm such as windblown rain that somehow penetrated the roofing system, it has a chance to be covered. It depends on how the homeowner’s insurance states it will cover damages.

If the wind blows off my roof will insurance replace it?

In Harford County, we experience serious wind storms that can destroy your Havre De Grace roofing. It’s our experience that many of the roofs are covered for total replacement after a catastrophe, but of course, it varies from situation to situation.

***Disclosure: we are not insurance professionals. We are sharing our anecdotal experiences in this article. Please consult an insurance professional in Harford County for any questions.

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