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A Comparison of GAF Timberline HD vs. HDZ


GAF’s Timberline HD and HDZ are some of the most popular shingles available. They both are made of quality material with innovative and expert designs but the HDZ version has extra features such as premier sealant, algae resistance, added fire resistance, and a wind warranty with no speed limits.

Choosing to purchase GAF’s products means buying from the best. Because the Timberline HD (or High Definition) has been so successful, GAF recently decided to improve its design even further. Thus the HDZ variant was born.

If you are thinking of buying either one of these products, you’ll want to consider how each model compares in terms of durability, wind protection, installation, curb appeal, cost, and warranty. We’ve gathered those details for you to analyze below easily.

Timberline HD Shingles vs. Timberline HDZ Shingles

The Timberline HD is an affordable asphalt shingle built to last. It may be plainer than the HDZ, but GAF has managed to turn it into an excellent product while still offering it at a lower rate. The HDZ has extra features and appearance options that make it an exceptional shingle.

Some extra features the HDZ has that the HD doesn’t include:

  • Dura grip sealant
  • StrikeZone nailing area
  • Fire resistant
  • Algae resistant – improved surface formulation than the HD version
  • Limited wind warranty with no speed limits
  • Compatible with HD shingles which makes upgrading easy

Durability of GAF’s Timberline HD vs HDZ Shingles

The HD shingles don’t have fancy extras, but when it comes to performing their main purpose, they are built for long-lasting success. According to tests done by Innovative Building Materials, however, the HDZ does improve on the HD model and has much longer durability.

Wind Protection of GAF’s Timberline HD vs. HDZ Shingles

Wind is one of the biggest threats to dislodging roof shingles. For this reason, GAF has designed both HD and HDZ shingles to withstand wind up to 130 MPH. This is about the standard for residential roofs. 

While you might expect rain, snow, or hail to be the biggest concern for your roof, that is not the case. While those elements come vertically down onto the roof, it is the powerful thrust of wind that comes horizontally against the roof that has the most potential to dislodge shingles.

With this in mind, you will want to make sure whichever product you choose has excellent wind protection, and both HD and HDZ can do that job.

Installation of GAF’s Timberline HD vs HDZ Shingles

Timberline HD and HDZ are quite easily installed, keeping them on par with other brands of shingles. The HDZ variant, however, has been improved with its LayerLock feature, its new StrikeZone feature, and its more pliable material, making its installation even more effective.

A LayerLock is a groove under each shingle that makes it faster to align and attach it to other shingles.

A StrikeZone is the reinforced section of the shingle where the nail attaches it to other shingles. This zone is marked so the installers can more accurately and effectively find the right location, making nail fastening 30% faster than for the HD.

Curb Appeal of GAF’s Timberline HD vs HDZ Shingles

Whether you go with Timberline HD or HDZ shingles, you can get the look of a high-end roof. Both HD and HDZ come with many design options, including the look of wood shakes, but HDZ comes in 20 different colors ranging from black to gray to red and more.

For a deep-dive look into the style, size, and coloring of both shingles, check out GAF’s website.

Cost of GAF’s Timberline HD vs HDZ Shingles

The HD is the cheaper of the two, but even though the HDZ costs more, the HD does not have poor quality. On the contrary, GAF keeps the value of the HD high while being able to produce it for a lower fee.

If you are leaning toward the extra features of the HDZ, choosing to pay a little more will not be a waste. The HDZ’s excellence proves a worthy investment.

Warranty of GAF’s Timberline HD vs. HDZ Shingles

Both Timberline HD and HDZ come with a GAF Lifetime Limited Warranty, a 15-year Limited Wind Warranty, and a StainGuard Algae Protection Limited Warranty. The HDZ’s plans are superior because there is no speed limit on the wind protection, and the algae PLUS warranty lasts longer.

The following chart breaks down the basic coverage under each warranty. To qualify for any of these warranties, you may need to purchase certain accessories that strengthen the durability of your shingles.

Warranty TypeHD’s CoverageHDZ’s Coverage
GAF Lifetime Limited WarrantyLifetimeLifetime
15-Year Limited Wind WarrantyUp to 130 mphNo speed limit
StainGuard Algae Protection Limited Warranty10 years for StainGuard-Labeled Warranty25 years for StainGuard PLUS Warranty

The term “lifetime” coverage means for as long as the individual(s) who owned the home at the time of the roofing installation remains the owner(s).

There are several options of warranty plans for Timberline HD and HDZ, so the specifics of your warranty depend on the type of plan you opt into at the time of purchase. If you have any questions, you can always contact GAF or your installer.


Both the Timberline HD and HDZ are excellent shingles; there’s a reason they are so popular. After looking at all of the facts, however, GAF’s variant HDZ is superior. With its extra durability features, installation efficacy, and longer-lasting warranties, you know you’re getting top quality.