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When deciding on roof materials, many people are curious about some of the more sustainable choices. Learning what sustainability is in roofing and the different options like cool roofs, green roofing, and more can help you make a more informed choice about your roofing goals.  Are you looking for a more sustainable choice for your own roof? Are you confused about which materials are sustainable and which aren’t?  Keep reading to learn what sustainable roofing options are out there.  What Is Sustainability in Roofing?  Sustainability is generally defined as the method of using a resource so that the resource is not exhausted or damaged in the long term. By this definition, roofing is made sustainable by choosing roofing materials that are manufactured sustainably, and created with eco-friendly materials. However, it’s not only the materials that play into roof sustainability. How roof materials perform over their lifetime, and the way they

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Copper Flashing Install MD

Copper Roof Flashing

Flashing for roofs is usually made from rust-resistant metal like copper, aluminum, or galvanized steel. Flashing is used where chimneys and walls meet the roof

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