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8 Tips for Finding a Roofer In Harford County Maryland


Following some key advice can help homeowners make sure they’re hiring a reliable roofer. Consult reviews, licenses, warranties, and more to know the roofing company is trustworthy and performs high quality work.

Your roof is one of the most important components of your homes protection. It makes sense to do some research when considering which roofing contractor in Aberdeen and Jarrettsville to hire for your new roof replacement. 

A lot of things need to be considered when purchasing a new roof and in this article, we will go over 8 tips everyone in Harford County should think about when hiring a roofer.

Don’t Give Into Pressure

You should always have a face-to-face appointment with a representative of the roofing company. If you sense any pressure from that representative, run. That is usually a red flag that indicates other issues. The focus of the conversation should not be signing the paperwork. 

The focus should be on how they will work with you, what materials they will use, time expectations, references, examples, etc.

Research the Better Business Bureau Ranking

The BBB is a good indicator of a companys value system. The BBBs strives to create an ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers trust each other. Companies that choose to be a part of the BBB adhere to these values, and it is also a place where consumers can provide and seek reviews.

Research Social Media Presence and Reviews

Facebook, Instagram, and Google are all good places to look when investigating a company to hire for a new roof. The company’s Facebook profile should be active with good reviews.  Another great place to look is Google.

Get Local Referrals

When speaking with the company representative, ask them for local referrals. It is important to speak with other community members that have worked with their company to give you an unbiased opinion. If the company can’t or won’t offer referrals, then don’t be afraid to walk away.

Consider the Warranty

Ask the representative what kind of warranty is involved in their workmanship. A reputable roofer in Aberdeen and Jarrettsville will be able to stand behind their work!

Question the Material Choices

Make a point to dig a little deeper to reveal the knowledge and understanding the company representative has. Ask the company representative what type of shingles they use. 

What color variants are available? What are the warranties associated with the different kinds of materials? What kind of underlayment options do you have? 

Check Licenses and Insurance

The company representative should have their insurance and licenses readily available to view and take a copy of when meeting them. This should be a huge consideration when working with a contractor for your roofing in Aberdeen and Jarrettsville because of the liability issues surrounding the industry. Make a point to ask for these outright.

Safety Concerns

Ask them what kind of safety precautions they take when installing the roof. You need to know what to expect while the job is going on. The company’s policies should be in line with protecting its crew safety first. Harnesses should be used, and other safety precautions should be in place as well.

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